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Hakkasan: A Chinese food kids’ menu!

In Eating / Food, Kid-Friendly, Restaurants, Richmond B.C. On August 26, 2015 0 Comments

The last time I wrote about Hakkasan (客家人) was in 2009, which is insane because we go there at least once a month. Sure, part of the reason is… Read More »

RICHMOND: Red Rooster fried broasted chicken

In Eating / Food, Restaurants, Richmond B.C. On March 30, 2012 3 Comments

I’ve never heard of fried broasted chicken that’s the specialty of newly opened Red Rooster. The Internet says broasting is a trademarked method of cooking chicken that combines… Read More »

VANCOUVER: Chu Kiang Chinese

In Eating / Food, Restaurants, Vancouver On November 8, 2011 0 Comments

Recent weekends have been hectic. J has been working out of town. We just bought a house which is going through major renovations. H is now a very… Read More »

CALGARY: Cowtown Beef Shack

In Calgary, Eating / Food, Restaurants On February 22, 2011 1 Comment

Beefy, beefy, yum pretty much sums up the Cowtown Beef Shack. The Shack serves roasted AAA Angus beef from High River on big, fresh baguettes. To add to… Read More »

RICHMOND: Steveston Pizza

In Eating / Food, Restaurants, Richmond B.C. On December 21, 2010 2 Comments

Growing up, pizza at my house was whatever 2-for-1 place was cheapest. I’m happy to see my family has found much better pizza in the years since like… Read More »

CALGARY: The Main Dish winter menu

In Calgary, Eating / Food, Restaurants On October 24, 2010 0 Comments

The Main Dish in Bridgeland is probably best known for convenient and tasty take-home meals, but many people don’t know it also offers a coffee bar, breakfast, weekend… Read More »

CALGARY: Janice Beaton grilled cheese

In Calgary, Eating / Food, Restaurants On April 27, 2010 5 Comments

Janice Beaton Fine Cheese has opened their grilled cheese bar in the store, featuring three sandwiches ($7.50) daily. (They’re no longer doing the baguette sandwiches.) This is the… Read More »

CALGARY: I heart Nando’s

In Calgary, Eating / Food, Restaurants On March 24, 2010 9 Comments

There really are just three chicken places for most people in Calgary: the dirty bird, the dirty Calgary bird, or the Swiss bird. A grim selection, if you… Read More »