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Lamesa Kamayan Filipino feast

In Eating / Food, Kid-Friendly, Restaurants, Toronto On November 19, 2016 0 Comments

I’ve always been intrigued by Filipino food, mainly because I don’t know much about it (other than balut that remains on my to-eat bucket list). Almost every Filipino… Read More »

Smokehouse Sandwich Co.

In Eating / Food, Kid-Friendly, Restaurants, Richmond B.C. On November 29, 2013 0 Comments

I almost never rush home to blog about a restaurant immediately anymore, but here I am. Smokehouse Sandwich Co. is a brand new hidden gem in Richmond, B.C…. Read More »

VANCOUVER: Eli’s Serious Sausage, Chili Tank street food carts and an Oven Monkey

In Eating / Food, Richmond B.C., Vancouver On June 30, 2011 2 Comments

Most of Vancouver’s street food carts congregate downtown or in business districts. I live in the ‘burbs. So I love it when they come to me. A few… Read More »

CALGARY: Mimo Portuguese

In CANADA, Eating / Food, Restaurants On August 11, 2010 8 Comments

There’s no doubt Mimo Restaurant is run by a family that’s proud of what they do. Our server, Carla, is the daughter of the owners and in typical… Read More »

EDMONTON: Café de Ville

In Eating / Food, Edmonton, Restaurants On April 11, 2010 2 Comments

Looking for somewhere new for Sunday brunch (we can only go to Culina so many times in one weekend), Jason’s family and I headed to Café de Ville,… Read More »

CALGARY: Over Easy Breakfast

In Calgary, Eating / Food, Restaurants On November 17, 2009 9 Comments

The corridor at the top of Edmonton Trail near 8th Street should be renamed the Breakfast Belt, or the Bacon Block, or French Toast Township, or the Huevos… Read More »

CALGARY: Mermaid Inn

In Calgary, Eating / Food, Restaurants On September 23, 2009 2 Comments

I’m a little behind on the blogging, but my review in last week’s Metro was on the Mermaid Inn inside the Danish Canadian Club. I totally forgot to… Read More »

CALGARY: Prorogued = perogies

In Calgary, Eating / Food, Restaurants On December 4, 2008 4 Comments

It started off as a joke. But the more times we heard and saw the word “prorogue” this morning — and believe me that’s a lot in a… Read More »