DUNHUANG: Hot cross stones

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Here’s another one of those “cooking at your table displays” I like so much. They brought out a wok and stir-fried beef and onions in it — with… Read More »

HANGZHOU: Dragon Well tea

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In the hills surrounding Hangzhou’s infamous West Lake grows the famous Dragon Well green tea. Chinese emperors and poets have praised it for centuries. Many people believe it… Read More »

HANGZHOU: Vegas, baby, Vegas

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Moving south, we spent some time in Hangzhou, a pretty city just two hours from Shanghai but without the smog or constant traffic jams. And only Hangzhou can… Read More »

CHINA: Journeys by train

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Train travel is one of the cheapest ways to see China. It is also one of the most aggravating. Lining up on a train platform is the best… Read More »

MOGAO CAVES: Hidden treasures

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The Mogao Caves near Dunhuang is one of the most breathtaking places I’ve ever visited. Unfortunately, photography is forbidden — you have to check in your camera at… Read More »


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When I was a kid, I remember reading picture books about a kung-fu fighting monkey king. He had a friend named Pigsy who liked to drink. Sometimes there… Read More »

XINJIANG: Cute Kid 3

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This child was singing on the banks of Heavenly Lake. I think he and his goat would pose for pictures with tourists for a fee. We never found… Read More »

GANSU: Stretch yer noodle

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Whether it’s some guy rolling a shawarma or a teppanyaki chef flipping his knife around, I’m a sucker for watching my meal being prepared in front of me…. Read More »