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CHINA: Eating dog meat

In CHINA, Eating / Food, Guilin, The Strange On January 24, 2009 18 Comments

I know this post won’t be for everyone, and I know there will be some interesting comments (which by the way, I moderate, so keep it clean). But… Read More »

GUILIN: Tongue to tongue action

In CHINA, Eating / Food, Guilin, Restaurants, The Strange On January 18, 2009 1 Comment

Zhangyang Soup City (正陽湯城) is a great restaurant in Guilin (桂林), right in its downtown on a pedestrian street that’s teeming with people at night. But be warned,… Read More »

LONGJI TERRACES: Fatherly wisdom

In CHINA, Eating / Food, Guilin, The Strange On January 14, 2009 5 Comments

Imagine my delight when Jason and I asked my father what these were. “Dried lizards,” said my dad, elbowing Jason. “For enhancing a man’s performance.”

Sick? Suck on a salted kumquat

In CHINA, Eating / Food, The Strange On January 7, 2009 9 Comments

Jason and I spent a wonderful and surreal holidays in China and Hong Kong this year. Unfortunately, we were hampered by terrible colds and hacking coughs for the… Read More »

The McLobster

In Eating / Food, Maritimes, The Strange On August 21, 2008 6 Comments

OK, OK, we finally tried it. We saw a big sign under the golden arches and couldn’t resist. The McLobster is McDonald’s take on the venerable lobster roll,… Read More »

Oh yukkaflux!

In CANADA, Eating / Food, The Strange On August 11, 2008 5 Comments

“Have you ever had yukkaflux?” Colette asked me one day. I definitely had not. Turns out it’s a kind of liquor concoction favoured by high school and college… Read More »

Guess I’m gonna eat that

In Eating / Food, The Strange On February 13, 2008 1 Comment

This is what happens when you: are waiting to move into a new condo have one pan because everything’s in storage are living in an old apartment sublet… Read More »

Rainbow on ice

In Eating / Food, The Strange On August 19, 2007 4 Comments

This is a che ba mau, made of red beans, green shreds of Vietnamese jello, yellow mung bean, coconut milk and ice. I suppose it’s a dessert and… Read More »