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HONG KONG: Seafood in Sai Kung

In CHINA, Eating / Food, Hong Kong, Restaurants, Sights On February 2, 2009 6 Comments

Sai Kung is a town that evolved from a fishing village in Hong Kong’s New Territories. Fishermen still unload their catch at the harbour where there’s a market… Read More »

GUILIN: No luck at this restaurant

In Eating / Food, Guilin, Restaurants On January 30, 2009 0 Comments

The Guilin Good Luck Restaurant has a great name and location, but really little else in my opinion. It looks like quite the hangout for local young people,… Read More »

YANGSHUO: Silver Cave

In CHINA, Eating / Food, Guilin, Sights On January 28, 2009 0 Comments

Silver Cave (銀子岩) is one of several limestone caves you can visit in the region. It’s a bit further than some that are right in Guilin, but it… Read More »

GUILIN: We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious

In CHINA, Eating / Food, Guilin, Restaurants On January 26, 2009 0 Comments

After too many cups of terrible instant coffee in China, we were jonesing for some real java. With its Starbucks-green sign, Java-ripped off logo, and LOTR-inspired name, Shire… Read More »

CHINA: Eating dog meat

In CHINA, Eating / Food, Guilin, The Strange On January 24, 2009 18 Comments

I know this post won’t be for everyone, and I know there will be some interesting comments (which by the way, I moderate, so keep it clean). But… Read More »

YANGSHUO: Beeeeer fish, tastes great, really filling

In CHINA, Eating / Food, Guilin, Restaurants On January 22, 2009 1 Comment

The town of Yangshuo (陽朔) is the end of the line for the Li River cruise. Many tourists get off the boats and then jump on buses to… Read More »

GUILIN: Cruising down the river

In CHINA, Eating / Food, Guilin, Sights, Transportation On January 20, 2009 1 Comment

Guilin (桂林), which literally translates to “forest of osmanthus flowers,” is famous for its karst terrain where jagged limestone cliffs rise dramatically above shimmering emerald rivers. Guilin is… Read More »

GUILIN: Tongue to tongue action

In CHINA, Eating / Food, Guilin, Restaurants, The Strange On January 18, 2009 1 Comment

Zhangyang Soup City (正陽湯城) is a great restaurant in Guilin (桂林), right in its downtown on a pedestrian street that’s teeming with people at night. But be warned,… Read More »