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GUILIN: Cruising down the river

In CHINA, Eating / Food, Guilin, Sights, Transportation On January 20, 2009 1 Comment

Guilin (桂林), which literally translates to “forest of osmanthus flowers,” is famous for its karst terrain where jagged limestone cliffs rise dramatically above shimmering emerald rivers. Guilin is… Read More »

GUILIN: Tongue to tongue action

In CHINA, Eating / Food, Guilin, Restaurants, The Strange On January 18, 2009 1 Comment

Zhangyang Soup City (正陽湯城) is a great restaurant in Guilin (桂林), right in its downtown on a pedestrian street that’s teeming with people at night. But be warned,… Read More »

HUANGLUO: Don’t throw out the rice water

In CHINA, Guilin, Sights On January 16, 2009 2 Comments

These ladies are from Huangluo, a minority Yao village in the Longji Terraces at the base of the mountain. It’s more famously known as the Long-hair Village. According… Read More »


In CHINA, Guilin, Sights On January 15, 2009 0 Comments

The traditional wooden and bamboo houses in the villages in the Longji Terraces are built on poles. The open, lower level is for livestock and the upper level… Read More »

LONGJI TERRACES: Fatherly wisdom

In CHINA, Eating / Food, Guilin, The Strange On January 14, 2009 5 Comments

Imagine my delight when Jason and I asked my father what these were. “Dried lizards,” said my dad, elbowing Jason. “For enhancing a man’s performance.”

LONGJI TERRACES: The best bacon and chicken soup in the world

In CHINA, Eating / Food, Guilin, Sights On January 13, 2009 12 Comments

The Longji Terraces (龍脊) are a winding, and sometimes nauseating trip up and down the mountains of Longsheng County (龍勝), roughly a two-hour drive from the city of… Read More »


In Guilin On January 12, 2009 1 Comment

This pair were sitting behind a stand at the entrance to the Longji Terraces across from where you buy tickets to get in. The girl just stared at… Read More »