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VANCOUVER: South American groovin’

In Eating / Food, Restaurants, Vancouver On March 30, 2006 0 Comments

“So you were in Vancouver, what’d you do? Ski? Snowboard? Jog? Hike?” Nah, I just eat a lot and try a lot of restaurants. Baru Latino is one… Read More »

VANCOUVER: Pig’s blood and chicken feet

In Eating / Food, The Strange, Vancouver On March 24, 2006 1 Comment

Congee is a traditional Chinese rice porridge. It’s served with anything from seafood to chicken to pork. My mom enjoys the pig’s blood congee. She likes to say… Read More »

Everyday SUSHI

In Eating / Food, Restaurants, Toronto, Vancouver On February 25, 2006 3 Comments

I used to eat so much sushi when I was about 6 that the doctor told my parents to stop feeding it to me because it was doing… Read More »

RICHMOND: Zen of Chinese feasting

In CHINA, Eating / Food, Restaurants, Richmond B.C., Vancouver On February 9, 2006 13 Comments

UPDATE-May 2010: Zen Fine Chinese Cuisine has reopened in Steveston at 12480 No. 1 Rd., Richmond, B.C., (604) 272-2777. Like any holiday, food is the focus of Chinese… Read More »

VANCOUVER: Chinese New Year

In Eating / Food, Vancouver On February 5, 2006 0 Comments

I’ve always looked forward to Chinese New Year more than any other holiday. There’s just something about the bright redness of it all. Short of travelling to China,… Read More »

RICHMOND: Eat Street

In Eating / Food, Restaurants, Richmond B.C., Vancouver On January 31, 2006 0 Comments

After this last visit home, I think I’m going to stop identifying Richmond as part of Vancouver anymore. This sleepy little suburb deserves to step into the spotlight… Read More »

VANCOUVER: Heaven in a strip-mall wasteland

In Eating / Food, Restaurants, Vancouver On December 4, 2005 1 Comment

UPDATE: also Lounge and Restaurant closed as of 2008. A Chinese restaurant has taken over its former location. The same fine dining restaurants dominate the “best of” lists… Read More »

TRAVEL: Air Crappy

In Transportation, Vancouver On November 14, 2005 7 Comments

I promise this will be my last Air Canada rant. I have the kind of personality that can easily be consumed by the airline’s amazing ability to offer… Read More »