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HALIFAX: Shish kabobs on Pizza Corner

In Eating / Food, Maritimes On November 2, 2008 8 Comments

No, this is not one of my best photos but: I did take it on my cellphone. It was 2 a.m. or something. I had not been drinking…. Read More »

The McLobster

In Eating / Food, Maritimes, The Strange On August 21, 2008 6 Comments

OK, OK, we finally tried it. We saw a big sign under the golden arches and couldn’t resist. The McLobster is McDonald’s take on the venerable lobster roll,… Read More »

HALIFAX: Brunch at Jane’s

In Eating / Food, Maritimes, Restaurants On August 20, 2008 2 Comments

I’ve written about how much I love Jane’s on the Common before, but this time, we got to go back for brunch. I can keep this one short… Read More »

DIGBY: Digging the scallops

In Eating / Food, Maritimes, Sights On August 19, 2008 2 Comments

We didn’t actually spend much time in Digby, Nova Scotia — home of famous Digby scallops — because we were catching the ferry from there to New Brunswick…. Read More »

FREDERICTON: Bulgogi and mad skillz

In Eating / Food, Maritimes, Restaurants On August 12, 2008 12 Comments

Every time I visit Fredericton, I’m pleasantly surprised by how much the city is changing and how many more new restaurants have opened. Downtown Fredericton now has an… Read More »

ST. ANDREWS: Farmers market

In Eating / Food, Maritimes, Sights On August 8, 2008 0 Comments

The farmers market in St. Andrews was so much more than I expected. I figured organic vegetables and jams, of course, and maybe some knitted slippers. But this… Read More »

NEW BRUNSWICK: Ossie’s Lunch

In Eating / Food, Maritimes, Restaurants On August 6, 2008 26 Comments

After my first encounter with fried clams, someone told me I had to try “Ozzie’s Lunch.” I’ve completely forgotten who it was (leave a comment if it was… Read More »

ST. ANDREWS: The best for last, part III

In Eating / Food, Maritimes, Restaurants On November 6, 2007 3 Comments

Our second dinner at the Rossmount Inn was part of the amazing package deal I wrote about before. We had a choice of three-courses from the menu and… Read More »