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EDMONTON: A Sunday morning

In Eating / Food, Edmonton, Restaurants On March 9, 2008 2 Comments

There aren’t that many places in downtown Edmonton that serve a decent cup of coffee, much less on a weekend. So it was nice to see the open… Read More »

EDMONTON: Sataaaay

In Eating / Food, Edmonton, Restaurants On January 14, 2008 18 Comments

When we lived in Edmonton, we went to Pagolac several times a month. It was the only place that could satisfy my satay pho cravings — and still… Read More »

EDMONTON: Skinny legs and cowgirls

In Eating / Food, Edmonton, Restaurants On January 5, 2008 8 Comments

I debated for a while before writing about Skinny Legs and Cowgirls because I don’t like to be anything less than totally positive in an entry. But I… Read More »

JASPER: Fiesta in the mountains

In Calgary, Eating / Food, Edmonton, Restaurants On September 18, 2007 5 Comments

Nothing gets a group of girls going better than a great meal. So to celebrate Katherine’s upcoming wedding to Tim, our favourite guy who is not my boyfriend,… Read More »

JASPER: Best bagel ever

In Calgary, Edmonton, Sights On September 10, 2007 2 Comments

Food tastes better in the Rocky Mountains. Even if it’s just a cheese bagel with vegetable cream cheese and a banana. And especially after a two-hour, five-kilometre, mostly… Read More »

EDMONTON: Hangin’ on the back bacon

In Eating / Food, Edmonton, Restaurants On August 7, 2007 6 Comments

UPDATE: Bacon closed as of September 2008. Original co-owner Cindy Lazarenko has reopened it as Culina Highlands and has taken over the helm as chef. The venture is… Read More »

I scream, you scream

In Eating / Food, Edmonton, Sights On August 5, 2007 0 Comments

It’s sweltering out. The only relief is ice cream. And these days, the only ice cream for me is Marble Slab Creamery. It’s a franchise started in Texas… Read More »

Eating local

In Eating / Food, Edmonton On June 9, 2007 2 Comments

My good friends at CBC Edmonton are starting a new series next week on the whole concept of eating local. It’s loosely based on the 100-mile diet, where… Read More »