I will, as the name of my blog suggests, pretty much eat anything. I’m partial to meats but will suffer fruits and vegetables.

This blog began in 2005 because I would take pictures of food while travelling and then come home and wonder what to do with them all. It’s a part chronicle to amuse myself and a part guide to share the foods and sights I’ve encountered from around the world.

It’s evolved now to include restaurant reviews closer to home (Calgary Richmond,B.C. Toronto) because sadly, I can’t travel all the time.

If you’re wondering who Jason is, he’s my very patient husband. He permits me take shots of whatever he orders, but I’m allowed only three attempts before he jumps in with his fork/chopsticks/hands.

In 2010, I had H, who changed not only our lives, but also my eating and blogging life. That’s when I started adding notes on how child-friendly a restaurant is, for parents like me who don’t believe kids should only experience fast food when dining out. We welcomed T, our second boy, in 2013.

My day job is in media, usually detailing death and destruction, so this is a bit of a respite.

I’ve been asked why I don’t write about recipes or cooking. It’s not that I don’t love to cook, but there are far too many blogs that cover that much better than I ever could.

I dedicate this to people who love to eat, and find art in their meals. If this blog piques your interest at least once, then I’m happy as a goldfish that eats til it explodes.

For permission to use my images or content, or for any other questions, you can contact me via ugonnaeatthat [at] gmail [dot] com. I hardly ever say no to photo usage requests — as long as you ask nicely.

Happy eating!