The last time I wrote about Hakkasan (客家人) was in 2009, which is insane because we go there at least once a month.

Sure, part of the reason is because we’ve known the owner and her family for decades. But it’s mostly because they make great Chinese food. Of course your next question will be what kind of Chinese food?

I guess I’d call it modern family-style Cantonese with dashes of the high-end finesse that came from its previous involvement with Zen (lauded by a New York Times writer as the greatest Chinese restaurant outside of China).

Hakkasan, Richmond, B.C.

For about six years, Hakkasan offered satisfying, high-end prix fixe dinners. But they decided to switch things up with a make-under in 2013, emerging as a more family-friendly bistro and take-out counter. Their lunch specials are some of the best deals in Metro Vancouver, in my opinion.

Hakkasan Bistro, Richmond, B.C.

I almost always order the lunch combo ($9.95) which comes with shredded Hainan chicken on mixed greens, a dainty cup of the day’s soup (tomato bisque in this pic), kimchi tofu, and generous white fish fillets with pickled vegetables on rice.

It’s some of my favourite things all on one tray.

Hakkasan Bistro, Richmond, B.C.

Under the chef’s bistro lunch section ($16-$23), we tried the Grandma’s braised pork belly with steamed Chinese bun ($16). It was HUGE. Like a massive burger, but with saucy pork belly and some delicious shredded homemade pickled fennel. It’s delicious but a tad rich in that quantity. That combo came with salad with imitation shark fin, and a dessert (blueberry cake on this day).

Hakkasan, Richmond, B.C.

The BBQ roasted pork cheek on rice ($11.95) is another one of my favourites. It’s slightly different than regular BBQ pork because the cheek has a bit more of a chewy bite to it. Hakkasan Bistro, Richmond, B.C.

When we come with the kids, I usually end up being that annoying parent and asking for off-menu items like noodles in soup with chicken. Well, now I don’t have to because there’s a kids’ menu!

Yes, they can choose chicken nuggets and fries, but I’m so happy that there are also noodle soups and teriyaki beef or chicken on rice. The dishes usually come with some vegetables (choy or broccoli), and a cute package of crackers and Skittles on the side.

The portions are quite big; I can feed both H and T (ages five and two now) with one bowl of noodles.

Hakkasan Bistro, Richmond, B.C.

If you just want to pick up something quick, Hakkasan also has “grab and go” microwavable meals ($4.95) like curry chicken on rice and even little appetizers like ma po tofu, as well as homemade hot sauce in jars.

Hakkasan, Richmond, B.C.

Hakkasan, Richmond, B.C. For drinks, they even make a decent Americano. At night, you can still order deluxe tasting menus with gourmet dishes like lobster and jumbo prawns. And kids are certainly welcome then too.

Kid-friendly notes

High chair and boosters available. No change table. Bonus: if toddlers get antsy, take them to the parking lot to spot planes overhead.

Hakkasan, 2188 No. 5 Rd., Richmond, B.C. Open Wednesday to Sunday for lunch 11 a.m.-3 p.m., dinner 5-9:30 p.m. Closed Mondays and Tuesdays. (604) 273-9191.