I can’t decide if egg waffles (雞蛋仔 “little eggs” in Chinese) are a snack or a dessert. I suppose it doesn’t really matter, they’re sweet, carby, spheres of deliciousness.

Popularized in Hong Kong street stands, the waffles are made with an eggy batter and cooked in special circular irons. They’re served warm in paper bags — crispy on the outside and slightly chewy inside — and you rip them apart with your hands and stuff them in your face. (Well, MY face.)

The Bubble Tea Shop, Richmond, B.C.

The Bubble Tea Shop (located in the parkade under Superstore) takes egg waffles to the next level, by making them all fancy and stuff.

You can still get them plain ($3.75), but BBT Shop offers deluxe ones ($4.75) with different additions INSIDE the batter, like Oreo, strawberry yogurt chips, and cheddar cheese.

Then they have premium egg waffles, like this Rocky Road ($6.95) with torched marshmallows, chocolate ganache, toasted almonds, chocolate shavings, and fresh whipped cream. My date (the four year old) insisted on adding ice cream (I think it was an extra $2 or something).

The Bubble Tea Shop, Richmond, B.C.

I love the BBT Shop for several reasons. They execute these fancy egg waffles well, using quality ingredients like Callebaut chocolate, and fresh whipped cream. And they keep things interesting by introducing specials exclusively on their Instagram account.

Secondly, the place is super clean, and you can watch them prepare everything in the open kitchen.

The staff are amazingly friendly and (this will be significant to many people) speak perfect English. There are many people like me, who are born in Canada and have limited Cantonese or no Mandarin skills at all. So I don’t fault people who hesitate to try some Asian places because there is no English on menus or spoken by servers/owners.

Lastly, I’m not a big bubble tea person, so I’m grateful that there are plenty of other beverage choices including Americanos, lattes (even in lavender and Nutella coconut flavours!), teas, lemonade, and smoothies.

Bubble tea fans will appreciate the chocolate-themed flavours including Kit Kat, After Eight, Coffee Crisp and Lindor, along with the regular kinds like mango or strawberry.

The Bubble Tea Shop, Richmond, B.C.

The menu is shown on TV monitors above glass display cases of knick knacks and Lego figures for sale. (I think these may be rented out independently to people to sell things.)

The place is hopping later at night (or so I’ve heard because I’m old and in bed by 10), but I’m glad I can grab a coffee (and a bag of egg waffles) if I need to for those agonizing grocery trips into the crowded belly of the Superstore.

In fact, the BBT Shop joins quite the lineup of delicious places (Paul’s Kitchen for Hong Kong fast food, and HK BBQ Master for Chinese barbecued meats) in one of Richmond’s showcase locations for bad parkers.

Having said that, there is usually parking.

The Bubble Tea Shop, Richmond, B.C.

H was enamoured with the Street Fighter 2 arcade game in the corner. He just jiggled the joystick and hit buttons. I told him it was broken. It’s not.

Kid-Friendly Notes

The BBT Shop is kid-friendly in that you will find something to appease any child here (Ice cream! Milkshake! Fruit slush!). There is one large unisex bathroom, but no change table. No high chairs or booster seats.

The Bubble Tea Shop, 4651 No. 3 Rd., (basically the parkade of Superstore, Richmond, B.C., (604) 285-8833. Open noon to 10 p.m. Monday to Thursday, noon to midnight Friday, 11 a.m. to midnight Saturday and Sunday.

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