7-Eleven is not my first choice for food. Not even my last choice. But when I got off the plane at Toronto’s Pearson airport, I was starving.

Lo and behold in the Air Canada arrivals terminal was a compact 7-Eleven counter. When did that get there?

7-Eleven, Toronto airport

As I approached, I saw a big poster advertising all white meat chicken kebobs, and a display case full of them. There were plain breaded chicken kebobs, and then ones brushed with various sticky sauces.

For $2.59 each (or two for $5), what did I have to lose?

7-Eleven, Toronto airport

These are the foods I’ve eaten from 7-Eleven in the past, along with the situation and my comments:

  • Taquitos – Situation: Not sober – Terrible and dry
  • Cheeseburger – Situation: Not sober and starving – Bland and soggy
  • Sandwiches – Situation: Work, sober – Passable
  • Coffee – Situation: Work at 4 a.m. – Beyond gross.

So I did not have high expectations for this “all white meat chicken kebob.” I chose one glazed with Thai chili sauce. The meat was surprisingly moist, and weirdly it actually tasted good. I was so caught off-guard that I couldn’t stop talking about this meat on a stick for the next day.

I guess I can now add:

  • All white meat chicken kebob – Situation: Starving at an airport – Not bad at all.