When we were childless, brunch was a roll-out-of-bed, spontaneous activity. And then maybe we’d head back to bed. Oh, those were the days.

We love bringing the boys out to eat with us, but within reason. It’s definitely not fair to drag a toddler and a four year old out to a place with unpredictable lineups, high bar stools, and quiet places with tiny tables, and expect them to behave.

Luke's Corner Bar & Kitchen, VancouverSo brunch (unless you count Denny’s, and really, you should never count Denny’s) has been on the back burner on most weekends.

One Saturday morning, we found ourselves in the South Granville neighbourhood of Vancouver, so we headed to Luke’s Corner Bar & Kitchen. We’ve been here a few times before for above-average, consistent casual dining.

While not an obvious “kid-friendly” place, they know how to make parents and children feel welcome. With a smile, the hostess grabbed an attachable high chair and secured it to a dining chair for T.

(Unfortunately, that hulk of a toddler kept heaving one of the safety bars off, and despite a super friendly manager coming over to help, I ended up holding the bar in place for most of the meal. So note: if you have a super strong kid, bring your own booster seat.)

Luke's Corner Bar & Kitchen, Vancouver

The waitress deftly and quietly removed cutlery from in front of T as soon as we sat. down. Small things like that score big points with me as a mom.

She didn’t bat an eye when we asked for one egg and some toast for T (later ringing it in as two sides for $4 total). We’ve had other servers hum and haw at simple, add-on requests like that, or charge us for a full entrée.

At the same time, the grownup food made these grownups very happy.

My taco hash ($14) was a heaping plate of everything I was in the mood for: hunks of slightly spicy chorizo sausage (apparently handmade), black beans, peppers, poached eggs, cheddar, topped with Hollandaise and a generous side of guacamole.

Seriously, how did they know that’s exactly what I wanted?

Luke's Corner Bar & Kitchen, Vancouver

Luke's Corner Bar & Kitchen, Vancouver

Jason enjoyed his slow-braised short rib dip ($18), but the sandwich was very much in fork-and-knife territory. Assembled with B.C. white cheddar, caramelized onions, baconnaise on filone bread, it was overflowing with messiness.

Luke’s serves nice organic Spirit Bear coffee and refills are thoughtfully regular.

We’ll definitely be back.

Luke’s Corner Bar & Kitchen, 2996 Granville St., Vancouver, (604) 733-5699. Open Monday-Friday 11:30 a.m. “till late,” weekends open for brunch at 10 a.m. till late.