CJ Lunch Box is known as CJ’s around my Toronto office. It’s a popular, regular lunch stop for people who work around the King/Spadina area. CJ is not going to change your life, but it will fill your belly with OK sushi for cheap.

Photo from blogTO

Photo from blogTO

You always know what you’ll get at CJ’s and the staff are super nice. There are a handful of tables, but most people take their lunch back to their desks.

I had brought H into the office while I had some informal meetings. After a few strenuous lightsaber battles with my colleagues, he decided he wanted “cucubumber sushi” for lunch so we headed to CJ’s.

Lightsaber office battle

CJ Lunch Box, TorontoThere is a menu if you look up, but most people just look down into the refrigerated coolers and grab a clear plastic container or two, as the line moves efficiently toward the cashier. You can ladle yourself some miso soup, which appears complimentary with most lunches, but I’ve always passed on it.

There’s no worry about the pre-made sushi sitting for too long because the turnover is so high. The containers get snapped up as quickly as the staff make them behind the counter.

I got a spicy red tuna maki, while H got his kappa maki. I also grabbed a container of edamame. I didn’t note what the individual prices were but our total came to less than $11.50.

The rolls are a little loose, the rice is a little soft, but seriously, for that price, it’s pretty darn good.

One of the guys at the counter noticed H was with me, so he threw in some yam fries, which I thought was an extremely kind gesture.

CJ Lunch Box, Toronto

CJ Lunch Box, Toronto

CJ Lunch Box, 409 Richmond Street West, Toronto, (416) 913-9264. Open Monday to Friday 11 a.m.-5 p.m.

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Kid-friendly notes
Very tight space and entrance. Would leave stroller outside or at home. Good for ages 3 and up, who can sit still.