Rob, our friend from Calgary, is a self-admitted picky eater, but he does love Vietnamese food. With that in mind, we tried Pho Han, located in a weird little strip mall off Garden City and Capstan Way. It’s in the same area as Manzo Japanese restaurant and Capstone teahouse, but way around the back. Look for Pho Han’s sandwich board.

Most online reviews are positive, but few mentioned how tiny this place is — enough seating for maybe 12 people. It was pretty quiet during our weekday dinner. I’m guessing it’s busier during lunch and weekends.

Pho Han, Richmond, B.C.

Prices are low, low, low. Pho is $5.99 for small or $6.75 for a large, with rice dishes at $6.99. The subs, which I intend to return for, range from $2.99 to $4.50. The menu covers all your Vietnamese bun and pho basics.

I got a large rare beef, tripe and meatball pho ($6.75). I really like that the beef comes draped on the side of the bowl so that they stay rare. However, the meatball portion was pretty stingy.

Pho Han, Richmond, B.C.

I also got a hot Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk, which is prepared for you, as opposed to watching it drip agonizingly slowly at your own table.

Rob said his grilled lemongrass chicken on rice ($6.99) was good, and Jason said his grilled pork on vermicelli ($6.99) was fine. So not raving reviews, but not bad either. At these prices, that’s about as much as you can expect.

Pho Han, Richmond, B.C.

Pho Han, 110 – 9020 Capstan Way, Richmond, B.C., (604) 284-5589. Closed Tuesdays. Open 11 a.m.-9 p.m.

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