On a listless Saturday night, Jason and I were trying to figure out what to have for dinner when a tweet by Wise Monkeys caught my eye. The serendipitous message led us to the month-old Dosa Corner, on Fraser Street, south of Marine Drive.

The restaurant is decorated in shades of brown, with three flat-screen TVs (tuned to retro Teletoons). The kitchen, which you can spy behind the cash desk, is super clean.

Dosa Corner, Vancouver

A big Indian wedding was happening at the hall next door so parking was busy, but fortunately Dosa Corner has its stalls clearly marked out front.

“Very worthy Dosa” was part of the tweet that brought us here. Dosas are thin pancakes made of fermented rice and black lentil batter, commonly eaten in South India and Sri Lanka. Fresh dosas can easily be eaten plain. Add some spiced potatoes and you’ve got the most common masala dosa, but like tortillas or crepes, they can be filled with anything.

Dosa Corner has a huge selection of vegetarian and meat dosas so it took us a while to decide what to get. All the dosas are served with sambar (a tamarind-based soup) and chutney.

Dosa Corner, Vancouver

My palak paneer dosa ($8.95) was fantastic. Stuffed with spinach and Indian cottage cheese, it was filling without weighing me down.

Jason’s original order of coriander masala dosa was unavailable, so he switched to eggplant dosa ($8.95) instead. Good thing too, because those were some luscious pieces of stewed eggplant, packed with spices.

Dosa Corner, Vancouver

Dosa Corner, Vancouver

We also ordered an appetizer of Chicken 65 ($8.50) to share. Depending on who you believe, the name comes from the number of spices or the year it was created. Regardless, it’s an addictive plate of spiced, deep fried, boneless chicken pieces. Its slight heat is nicely complimented by lime wedges, red onion and sweet dip.

Dosa Corner, Vancouver

t margin=3pxWe also sucked back some thick mango lassi ($3.50).

There is one high chair and the place definitely gives off a family-friendly vibe. Dosa Corner has a kids’ menu (cheese dosa, cone dosa or idly with honey), which is adorable. It was quiet during our dinner, and the staff who sat in a corner table made faces at T and made him grin like a goofball.

We gave some plain dosa pieces to T, who scarfed them down. He recently figured out how to lift his arms over his head, but I’d like to think he’s saying, “YAAAAY! DOSAS!” in this photo.

UPDATE: The kids’ cheese dosa, which comes with a side of ketchup, got a major thumbs up from my boys.


Dosa Corner, 8248 Fraser St., Vancouver, (604) 324-3672. Open lunch 11 a.m.-10 p.m.

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