Just found a new favourite place to hit up when I’m starving and stuck at the mall (specifically Lansdowne Mall in Richmond). Especially after you’ve promised to buy a talking cash register for your three-year-old at the Toys ‘R Us (aka Customer Service Is Not Us) and then realized it was way more expensive than you thought, so then you try and convince him he doesn’t really need it.

Anyhoo, a lot of fast talking and a hot dog bribe later, we noticed a new business in the mall food court called Let’s Roll. I can’t help but say it loudly with my fist in the air, like the adorable cartoon on its sign.

Let’s Roll’s concept is simple, yet brilliant: create your own sushi roll. For $7.99, you get 10 very large pieces that are relatively healthy and filling.

Let's Roll, Richmond, B.C.

Grab a form and just check off your choices of wrap (seaweed or modern soy), rice (white or mixed grain), fillings, toppings and unlimited sauces. Then watch it get assembled at the counter in front of you. Like Subway, but better. The roll is then cut by a machine for perfect, uniform pieces — that I promptly make a mess of.

Isn’t this roll pretty? It’s Jason’s creation of soy wrap, white rice, spicy tuna, ebi, avocado, cucumber, topped with sesame seeds and corn, with a creamy miso sauce.

Let's Roll, Richmond, B.C.

The fillings were generous and pretty tasty. Not like some questionable fish I’ve encountered at other quick and dirty sushi takeouts.

This is one of mine with mixed grain rice that turns out kind of purple (not a bad thing!). I chose chopped scallop and eel, but in hindsight should have gone with more contrasting textures like Jason’s spicy tuna and shrimp. And should have stuck with one sauce since the two I chose (spicy mayo, creamy miso) just blended into one another.

Let's Roll, Richmond, B.C.

Let's Roll, Richmond, B.C.

You can name your own roll and submit it to their Wall of Fame.

They also do a small selection of appies like this chicken karaage, which comes with sweet chili dipping sauce. Not bad. I liked that it was boneless. Kind of like Japanese McNuggets.

Let's Roll, Richmond, B.C.

This is the second location for Let’s Roll. The first is in downtown Vancouver on Denman. I hope they open up more franchises because it sure beats greasy fast food.

Let’s Roll, Lansdowne Mall, 5300 No.3 Rd., Richmond, B.C., (604) 370-2797.

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