Well, hello stranger. Almost a year has passed since I last updated this blog. In that time, I got a new job and had a new baby boy. This is T. He’s pretty chill. As I’m on mat leave again (or as my mother calls it “vacation”), I thought let’s get this blog thing going again, shall we?

(Isn’t this a fancy fresh new look? All thanks to my amazing friend and super talented developer Aires at Operativ.)

Since I wrote about the Foothills hospital food when I had H in Calgary, it’s only fair to share what I ate at the Richmond Hospital.

First, I have to say that the staff at the Richmond Hospital birth centre are amazing. The renovated private rooms are also fantastic. The food… well, is best described as underwhelming from a regular perspective, but after HOURS of screaming labour, a hard-boiled egg is a wondrous thing.

My first meal after T was born was breakfast. As you can see, I was so ravenous that I inhaled two pancakes without bothering with syrup, and half an egg before I managed to snap a photo. It also came with prunes, juice, watery coffee, and Cream of Wheat, which I’ve never had before. Weird, I know.

Richmond Hospital Food

There’s a Starbucks in the hospital lobby so Jason ran down to get me a decaf Americano. Also not my first choice in real life, but in post-baby, just fantastic.

The other breakfast I had there was scrambled eggs, dry whole wheat toast, more Cream of Wheat, and an apple half. This is survival food.

After a day of rest, tests and getting to know T, I had a dinner of beef stew, mashed potatoes, French onion soup (I think), coleslaw and rice pudding. Not as bad as I would have guessed.

Richmond Hospital Food

Between meals, there are a few fridges in the hallways stocked with sandwiches (roast beef, egg salad, cheese), fruit, ice, juice and milk that you can grab a snack anytime. This whole mothering thing really works up an appetite.

Richmond Hospital FoodEach room is equipped with a mini fridge so if you’re way more prepared than we were (T came two weeks early), then you’re more than welcome to bring your own food. There’s a microwave in the hallway you can use, but hot plates are not permitted.

My final dinner on the maternity ward was sweet and sour pork, bok choy, rice, honeydew melon, orange juice and milk. I was pleasantly surprised at this, though frankly if Jason or I had any energy, we would have gone up the street to any of the fantastic Chinese restaurants around No. 3 Road and Westminster Highway.

There is a cafeteria in the hospital but it’s brutal. Pretty much the same food patients get, sitting under heat lamps. You’re better off walking the short blocks to the revamped, and really good, food court at Richmond Centre or even Subway.