Holy Perogy, VancouverJust a week old, the Holy Perogy food truck is getting noticed in its location next to the Vancouver Public Library. The rain finally stopped so I headed there for a quick, carby lunch. Mmm carbs.

The menu is smartly simple with five different kinds of perogies. There’s your basic potato and cheddar ($8), and then four twists on it (Mexican with seasoned beef, Italian with mozza and Parmesan, Greek with spinach and feta, and Westcoast with smoked salmon and cream cheese). Since it was my first visit, I tested their traditional potato and cheddar with a side of sausage ($2).

The perogies were good: big and filling and slightly browned. It came with some diced, pan-fried onions and sour cream. I foolishly forgot to slap on some sauerkraut which was sitting in a big jar next to the napkins and compostable cutlery.

Unfortunately the sausage — billed as all-beef Ukrainian-style — tasted like rubbery wieners.

I’m guessing that my friend Colette is gasping at the $8 price tag when her mom can send bags and bags of homemade ones on the Greyhound from Saskatchewan for less (er, if you calculate per perogy). But since I still have yet to roll up my sleeves to make Cheryl’s pyrohy recipe again, I just have to suck up the cost for now.

On the bright side, I do like to support local, independent businesses and the lady behind the counter was super nice and helpful. She suggested I try the traditional perogies first and then come back and “go crazy” with the other choices.

Holy Perogy, Vancouver

Holy Perogy, usually parked at 700 Homer St., next to Vancouver Public Library. Check their Twitter for opening hours.

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