I blogged about Hog Shack Cook House last fall, but this time I want to focus on how well they use Twitter. Other restaurants could learn some lessons.

First, Hog Shack’s Twitter account has a personality. It’s funny, timely and most importantly, authentic. Hog Shack is on Twitter to post specials, answer questions, cheer the Canucks and even take reservations. Pretty impressive considering most restaurants set up a Twitter or other social media account and then abandon them.

Last week, we were thinking of heading there for an impromptu dinner when I saw their tweet that there was an hour’s wait without a reservation. I was relieved to be spared the disappointment.

We did make it there for a great lunch on the weekend. A giant pink bottle caught our eye as soon as we walked in. Rogue Ales (which I love) and Portland’s famous Voodoo Doughnuts teamed up to make this Bacon Maple Ale. The 750 ml bottle ($25) was on our table faster than you could say well, bacon and ale.

And whaddya know, it actually delivered notes of bacon and maple syrup. The brown ale is probably too gimmicky and sweet for real connoisseurs but I enjoyed it. Mind you, I wouldn’t chug it all night.

I checked Twitter to see if Hog Shack’s elusive burnt ends were on special but alas the only note was that chef/owner John Lim Hing had some duck and beef ribs in the smoker, which we spied in the corner of the patio.

I tweeted him to jokingly ask if they were ready since we had just arrived, and then thought nothing of it.

I got the Combo No. 5 ($21) to share with H. He was sick all week, subsisting on Arrowroot cookies and cereal. Plus we had been cooped up inside for days, so the quarter smoked chicken and half rack of baby back ribs were what the doctor ordered.

As my two sides, I got fries and sauteed vegetables (big chunks of nicely seasoned carrots, cauliflower and broccoli).

Jason got the beef brisket plate ($14) which I think is Hog Shack’s strongest meat.

Anyway, we were almost done when the chef came out with a smile and and presented us with a few pieces of smoked duck. I was speechless. Now that is the social in social media, people.

(BTW, the duck reminded me of Chinese BBQ duck but with a completely surreal smoky flavour. Just gorgeous.)

Hog Shack, 3900 Bayview St., Richmond, B.C., (604) 272-7264. Open daily for lunch and dinner at 11 a.m.