I’ve never heard of fried broasted chicken that’s the specialty of newly opened Red Rooster.

The Internet says broasting is a trademarked method of cooking chicken that combines pressure cooking and deep-frying.

Kashif, who owns Red Rooster, says broasted chicken is popular “back home” in Pakistan and the Middle East. The chicken is marinated for 12 hours and then cooked in special equipment that makes it less greasy than traditional fried chicken, he boasted.

Kashif didn’t lie. The chicken was definitely the least greasiest fried bird I’ve had, without sacrificing that nice crunchy skin. I liked the spices used in the batter, but Jason found it uneven. Kashif says he’s working on a spicy blend to be offered soon.

Ten pieces of mainly leg and thigh are $15.99. White meat costs $1 extra. I prefer dark meat anyway. Our chicken came with hot sauce, ranch dressing and ketchup on the side.

Red Rooster, Richmond, B.C.

Large fries ($1.99) were tossed in spices and much better than the dreadful limp things KFC tries to pass off as fries.

Unfortunately, Red Rooster had no macaroni salad, coleslaw, or fish or cheese pakoras advertised on the menu when I visited.

Open for just a month, Kashif has yet to balance the supply/demand equation. He told me he made fresh daily salads at the start but they would go to waste when no one ordered them.

He’s also getting used to the new pizza ovens, showing me the numerous burns on this forearms. Ouch!

Aside from the broasted chicken, Red Rooster is also unique because it serves halal meat, which has been handled according to Islamic dietary guidelines. For example, an animal must be slaughtered quickly and properly, meaning the jugular vein is cut and then the blood is drained because Muslims are not allowed to consume animal blood.

Red Rooster has an unusual menu of broasted chicken, wings, burgers, pizza and pakoras. Judging from this negative review of the fish and chips, I’d stick with the broasted chicken.

The restaurant itself — in the plaza at No. 5 Road and Cambie — is the definition of spartan. Three bare tables and a handful of chairs suggest takeout as the preferred dining option. Red Rooster also offers free delivery.

Red Rooster, 4119 No. 5 Rd. (at Cambie), Richmond, B.C., (604) 270-7777. Open daily 11 a.m.-11 p.m.

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