I never assume that it’s OK to bring a toddler to a restaurant. Not just for our convenience, but also for the business. It certainly isn’t fair to drag a kid to a tiny cafe and blame the business for only having high backless stools, or to a swish bistro and expect them to put up with a child’s unexpected outbursts.

So I always call ahead to check on high chair availability and if kids are welcome. The reception I got from Edible Canada on Granville Island made me more than comfortable in bringing H to brunch: “Yes, please do! We have high chairs and we do it up for the kids.”

We met our much missed Calgary friends, Chris and Spencer, right when Edible Canada opened at 9 a.m. There’s a weekend breakfast menu from 9 a.m.-3:30 p.m., as well as a weekend brunch menu (with sandwiches and “lunchier” entrees) that starts at 11 a.m. — and a kids’ menu.

The space is vibrant with an open kitchen, and it adjoins to a wine bar and a retail store selling unique spices and sauces.

Food here is hearty and local. Both guys got the Edible Canada breakfast ($12) which comes with scrambled free-range eggs. The smoked tomatoes were a nice touch. The Sloping Hills pork and apple sausage got rave reviews, as did the double-smoked bacon. But really, boys like bacon.

Hash browns were fried in duck fat, but Jason said “they were nothing spectacular. The bacon, on the other hand, fantastic.” See? Boys like bacon.

Chris’ Okanagan granola ($9) sounded promising (B.C. blackberry, fireweed honey, Liberté yogurt, dried Naramata fruit, birch syrup) but the portion was lacking especially at that price.

My Yarrow Meadows duck confit hash ($15) on the other hand was a magical never-ending bowl of duck meat, soft poached free-range eggs, roasted potatoes, wild mushrooms and arugula. My brunch belly was very happy.

We all opted for Americano coffees — which unfortunately were sour, lukewarm and generally terrible. We definitely should have chosen the French press option.

In contrast, our server was utterly fantastic. Near the end of the meal, I caught her eye and lifted H’s almost empty plastic cup. Before I could say anything, she said with a smile, “You want me to empty the milk, rinse it out and fill it with water, right? … I have a nephew around the same age.”

We were only charged $1 for a kid’s milk compared to many restaurants that have charged us $3 or more. Not a deal-breaker in the big scheme of things, but it does show a respect for munchkin patrons and their parents.

I wouldn’t hesitate to come back, with or without my toddler.

Edible Canada, 1596 Johnston St., Vancouver, (604) 682-6681. Check here for hours.

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Child-friendly notes
Room for strollers: Wouldn’t bring inside but can leave out front or maybe in corner of patio.
Kids’ menu: Yes. $7 items for kids under 11.
High chairs: Yes.
Change table: No, but you can easily use the baby change room at the Granville Island Public Market right across from the restaurant.