“Dream job” is everyone’s description for Tourism Richmond’s newest opportunity. It’s looking to hire a foodie blogger to write about the city’s restaurants and expand on those culinary adventures on social media. The winning candidate has to visit at least one of Richmond’s 800+ restaurants per day, and post daily about it.

I think that’s harder than it sounds. Most people think being paid to eat is a breeze. But it takes a certain kind of person to create posts, photos, Tweets, video etc. that are captivating yet also different from day to day, while sustaining a personal motivation.

The one-year position includes a $50,000 salary, a daily stipend for all restaurant meals, a negotiable apartment/living compensation and a one-year membership to the fitness centre at the Richmond Olympic Oval. The competition is open to anyone around the world.

“What an amazing opportunity for someone!” I initially thought. How exhilarating to be able to explore Richmond’s restaurants full-time (as opposed to the tiny bits of spare time I have). To have a legitimate reason to be obsessively on Twitter and Facebook. To dig into the fascinating stories of the chefs, servers, owners, dishwashers who make things tick.

Wait a second.

Sounds like a good fit. I’m just sayin’. šŸ™‚

Here’s the red hot campaign that’s attracting amazing bloggers from around the world, or check #richmond365 on Twitter.