I first wrote about Guu in 2007 when they had three locations. Now the Japanese izakaya chain has eight, including Toronto. (Hi Gigi!) The one we’ve been going to the most is Guu Richmond in the Aberdeen Centre mall. We usually go there for lunch because it’s so convenient (free mall parking), very child-friendly (they strap the boosters extra-tight in the chairs for you), and a great value.

Along with the regular menu, there’s always a choice of four lunch specials: a hot dish ($8.50), a grilled fish head ($8.80) and two bento boxes ($12.95). All come with rice and miso soup.

Guu Richmond

It’s hard for me NOT to order the bento box when it comes crammed with so much variety and quantity. For example the first photo has:

  • two pieces of salmon and one shrimp sashimi
  • tuna, shrimp and surf clam nigiri
  • spicy chopped salmon
  • tamago
  • grilled mackarel
  • chicken karage.

The second bento box has:

  • teriyaki chicken
  • creamed corn croquette
  • salmon, tuna, shrimp sashimi
  • California roll
  • tamago
  • BBQ eel on rice
  • steamed vegetables.

These are good quality, good value combos. We always leave satisfied, though the food can be a bit slow if they are extremely busy.

Guu RichmondGuu has their own beer, Guuud! Ale, which is brewed locally by Russell Brewing Company. It’s a pale ale with a light citrus edge, which appeals to me.

The staff are extremely family friendly. They’re great about strapping the booster seat down tight, and they bring plastic utensils, bowls and water for H without us even asking. Guu has a mini udon noodles ($3.80) that’s perfect for H to slurp. It comes with a few pieces of chicken and fish cake.

Guu Richmond has more of a family/older couples vibe than the hipper, younger crowd at the various Guus in Vancouver. Keep in mind, that’s also because I go at lunch and not late at night (because I’m an old lady).

Guu Richmond, 2nd floor, Aberdeen Centre, 4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond, B.C. (604) 295-6612. Open for lunch Monday to Friday 11:30-2:30, weekends 11:30-3:30. Open for dinner Sunday to Thursday 5-10:30 p.m., Friday and Saturday 5-11:30 p.m.

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Child-friendly notes
Room for strollers: Not really, but you could safely leave a stroller outside the restaurant in mall hallway.
High chairs: Fisher-Price boosters.
Change table: Yes.