I was starving by the time I grabbed a late lunch at Nu Greek on Robson. This is from the same owner as fancy restaurants Raincity Grill and C. Nu Greek is not to be confused with Nu (its sit-down restaurant on Granville), or Nu Street (its food trucks), or Nu Greek Broadway. Got that?

Nu Greek on Robson has three high-top tables shoved in the corner so you know few people actually sit down to eat in this tiny storefront. I guess it does a brisk takeout business for the downtown crowd.

I couldn’t figure out what I wanted from the menu” target=”_blank”>menu but the Workout Guy hanging out at the counter insisted that the two-skewer combo was the way to go, and that the Chinese guy at the grill was the “best chef in town.” Ooookay.

I ended up getting the No Wheat Combo ($8.50), which was two skewers, Greek salad, a chickpea and mint salad and a bottle of water. I was worried it wouldn’t be enough, so I got a side of Greek fries too ($4.50).

While I waited, Workout Guy proceeded to tell the next customer the No Wheat Combo was the bomb because he was off rice and bread until he could lose the 25 pounds he gained over the holidays.

When I opened my non-Styrofoam (yay!) container, I was caught off guard by the fresh and flavourful salads. The Greek salad had big chunks of sweet red and yellow pepper, cucumber, pitted olives and a large hunk of feta. The chickpeas had bite still, lightly dressed with mint and olive oil. Very nice.

The marinated lamb and chicken skewers I chose were surprisingly moist. The tzaziki on the side was garlicky but not enough to make my co-workers want to kill me for polluting their workspace.

Well played, Workout Guy.

Nu Greek, 542 Robson St., Vancouver.
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I also bought a coffee and cinnamon bun before work, and then a can of espresso and a chocolate bar on my way home.

So that concludes my five days of #visaeveryday where I used my VISA for all of my small daily purchases to see how my rewards would add up.

I have a cash-back VISA that gives me one per cent back on my net purchases. Since I spent an average of $50 daily on #visaeveryday, I earned a stunning $2.50 over the last five days. If I kept using my VISA on those small purchases all year, I’d get $182.50 back toward my goal of a Maritimes trip.

#visaeveryday has been an interesting exercise. I don’t condone racking up debt for the sake of rewards, but as someone who pays off her credit card bill every month, I think it’s a great incentive.

Now to that Twitter giveaway I promised. I have a $50 pre-paid VISA card to give away to Canadian readers/followers. To enter, tell me on Twitter what your big reward purchase would be from using your VISA points. You must start your Tweet with @ugonnaeatthat and include #visaeveryday. I’ll pick a random winner on Friday morning. Good luck.