Grounds for Appeal, Vancouver(This is a sponsored post.)

Day 2 of using my VISA for daily buys to see how my cash-back rewards add up. According to today’s purchases, I’m all about food (duh) and mundane errands squeezed in before work. I cut new keys ($11.76), bought some shoelaces ($5.59) and got an impromptu boot shine ($9.52).

As usual, I headed to JJ Bean for my second breakfast ($5.95). Their Americano Misto keeps me alive most days. And sometimes with a chocolate croissant for good measure.

For lunch, I finally tried Grounds for Appeal, the hilariously punned cafe in the Law Society of B.C. building. It’s THE go-to place for Indian food for my co-workers. And now I see why.

The cafe makes six curries (four meat and two vegetable choices) every day. I ordered a combo of one meat (lamb) and one veg (dal) for $10.50. It wasn’t until I got back to my desk that I realized how much food was packed into my bag. One container EACH of the lamb curry and the dal, as well as surprisingly fluffy rice with green peas AND a piece of naan bread.

This was amazing homemade Indian. Sauces with depth and flavour. Lentils that had been simmered for hours. I counted about nine huge chunks of tender lamb. I tried to save half of the massive portion to bring home, but I ended up picking at it all afternoon.

Grounds for Appeal also serves standard coffee, baked goods and sandwiches. But why insult your tummy by forgoing the fantastic Indian dishes? Seriously, great food and bang for your buck.

Grounds for Appeal, 845 Cambie St., Vancouver, (604) 681-8558. Open weekdays for breakfast and lunch. Closed weekends.

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