The only fried chicken we ate when I was a kid came from Church’s Chicken. I have no idea why. It might be because you can get corn on a stick there.

Church's ChickenThe Canadian locations for the U.S.-based chain are all in B.C. So when I got a craving for fried chicken, I was eager to try Church’s again.

Let’s just say Jason was not impressed. And I was certainly underwhelmed.

The chicken was crisp enough on the outside, and moist enough on the inside, but I think we’ve become so accustomed to the enormous levels of salt in other fried chicken brands that Church’s came across as bland.

The fries were blah. But then again, most fries at fried chicken places are.

The corn I remembered from my youth was soggy. Also, it doesn’t help that the taste of fresh summer corn was not so long ago.

Next fried chicken craving I get, I’ll be going to KFC, or even better, to Refuel’s fried chicken Fridays.

Church’s Chicken, 19 locations in B.C.