Street food carts was one of the things I was most excited about trying after moving back to Vancouver. One of the easiest ways to find out opening hours and locations is this great iPhone app called Street Food Vancouver.

Since I’m still on maternity leave (or “vacation” as my mother likes to call it), I waited for a weekend so Jason and H could go with me. We headed to La Brasserie Street, the mobile branch of an Alsatian bistro in the West End. (I’m still trying to explain the difference between Vancouver’s West End, West Side and West Vancouver to poor Jason.)

There’s only one thing on the menu: the Brass chicken sandwich. It’s pretty bold to peg your business on one item so it better be good. And it was.

A mountain of gorgeous crispy fried onions was the first thing I noticed, followed by an oozing gravy specked with herbs that was obviously homemade. Though I could not taste the beer brine in the rotisserie chicken pieces, the meat was moist. I hate dry chicken.

All of this was enveloped in a super soft buttermilk bun and thankfully, a sturdy large foil bag.

The sandwich is $6.25 and drinks are $1.35, or a sandwich/drink combo for $7.15 plus HST. You can eat this on a public bench, or maybe take it inside the Pacific Centre mall if the weather’s bad.

The cart also advertises the “world’s best” butter tart ($1.79). Mm, not so much. The pastry was missing a bit more buttery flakiness, and I wanted a softer (almost more runny) filling, but I guess they can’t really put out a sign that says “meh” butter tart.

La Brasserie Street, corner of West Georgia and Granville but moves for special events like farmers’ markets. Check their Twitter or Facebook for updates. Open daily 11 a.m.-6 p.m.

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