Burgers cooked in buses get me excited. I have no idea why. Because it makes no sense?

Gwendolyn, who KNOWS her burgers, introduced me to the Chuckwagon Cafe. So it was only fitting that she led me to Rocky’s Burger Bus.

Rocky's Burger Bus, Calgary

Rocky’s is in a southeast industrial area with a lovely view of power lines. We were two of the three women we counted as customers during the hour we were there. The rest were mostly blue-collar guys and uh, other guys.

You can have your burger single ($4.50), double ($7.50), with cheese ($5) or cheese/bacon ($5.75). All burgers come loaded with mustard, relish, and onion (unless you order it differently).

I got the Rocky Special which got me a cheeseburger, fries, and pop for $8. This isn’t McDonald’s fast; the burgers are grilled fresh and hot so the wait is worth it.

The huge, hand-shaped patty was amazeballs. A nice char on the outside and so juicy, plump and meaty inside. I was quite impressed with the bun’s ability to hold together (but it would have fallen apart if it took me any longer to eat it).

To be honest, I don’t remember much of the hand-cut fries. They must have been good because I know I ate all of them.

Most people ate in their cars like we did because it was freezing out but there are a few picnic tables for a nice day.

On top of burgers, Rocky’s also serves breakfast sandwiches, smokies, hot dogs and poutine.

I’d say Rocky’s is tied with Five Guys as my favourite burger place in Calgary. But Rocky’s could have an edge because it’s in a BUS.

Rocky's Burger Bus, Calgary

Rocky’s Burger Bus, 1120-46th Ave. SE, Calgary, (403) 243-0405. Open Monday to Friday 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

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