UPDATE – March 25, 2011: Happily, it looks like Crepe Avenue has been working out the kinks. The guys behind the counter are much faster at putting out the product now. And best of all, the haphazard seating has been reorganized.

I’m convinced there’s no way to take a pretty picture of a crepe. If there is, someone please tell me how. I went to Crepe Avenue twice just to nail down a decent photo. No dice. However, I did fill up on crepes and whipped cream.

Crepe Avenue opened this month in a former beauty salon/spa near the Safeway in Kensington. It’s very cute with multi-coloured, bubbly font and plastic models of crepes in the window.

Crepe Avenue, CalgaryThe crepes were uniformly thin and had that slight chewiness that brings back memories of a school trip to Paris.

The sweet crepes ($6.49-$7.19) — your standard fillings of strawberry, banana, custard, Nutella, or some combo of them — all come with a LOT of whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Who doesn’t love whipped cream? (Yes, yes, those who are lactose intolerant like me but nothing a Lactaid pill can’t fix.)

The savoury crepes however are mediocre at best. The Thai turkey deluxe ($7.69) had a zingy sweet chili sauce but also a disappointing slab of roasted turkey breast. The sausage and cheese ($7.49) likewise suffered deli-type meat. Those come with lettuce, tomato and mayo.

Run by a former Thai chef, the business is, how shall we say, finding its feet.

The too-small, too-cursive font on the menu is hard to read. Staff are earnest but still slow. No one quite knows how to use the cash register yet. And despite usually three people behind the hot plates, it can be a bit of a wait for your order.

Crepe Avenue is an awkward place to eat in. That’s probably why all the crepes are wrapped into paper cones for easy take-out.

I was dying to rearrange the front space. There’s a bench, three chairs and two Ikea side tables. One table has a big ’80s lamp on it, and the other is inexplicably taken up by a plant and two giant pine cones. On the walls are a pub dartboard, two pop art prints, a mini guitar and a stuffed animal.

Despite this, I hope Crepe Avenue finds a groove as it’s nice to see a little place like this amid a sea of pubs in Kensington.

Crepe Avenue, 330-10th St. NW, (403) 452-6160. Open daily 10:30 a.m.-8 p.m.Crepe Avenue on Urbanspoon

Baby notes
Room for strollers: Yes
High chairs: No
Ambiance: Very casual.
Access: Street-level but small step at door.