I’m all for trying new and weird things. ChocoVine definitely falls into that category.

A gift from the always too-generous Colette, ChocoVine is French cabernet blended with dark chocolate from Holland. For some reason, the windmill and tulips on the label bothered me more than the unusual flavour mix.

From the outside, the liquid looked chocolatey brown with a tinge of green which I attributed to the bottle. Wrong. After I poured some into a liqueur glass, the ChocoVine still had the army green hue to it.

I took a sip. Sweet. Very, very sweet. Almost sickly sweet. The taste reminded me of Bailey’s but the watery texture was more like Kahlúa.

I would probably have drunk this by the gallon when I was younger. Those were the days when I drank Bailey’s on the rocks and ate chicken wings. Together. As dinner.

ChocoVine, $14-$16 for a 750mL bottle, available in Calgary liquor stores including Co-op and Liquor Depot.