Cowtown Beef Shack, Calgary

Beefy, beefy, yum pretty much sums up the Cowtown Beef Shack.

The Shack serves roasted AAA Angus beef from High River on big, fresh baguettes. To add to its distinctiveness is the fact it is an eight by 12 feet shed kitted out with an oven and airplane-like bathroom.

Cowtown Beef Shack, CalgaryTwo people, including owner Brad Johnson, take orders and churn out the sandwiches with amazing speed and cheerfulness considering the close quarters.

This is all about the beef, which is fresh, juicy and full of yumminess. There are only four sandwiches ($8) which probably helps how fast this drive-through moves. (Four minutes from pulling in to driving out for our order.)

The BBQ beef on a bun had a just-right tangy sweet BBQ sauce. There was LOTS of shredded beef.

The Cowtown cheese steak on the other hand was stacked with sliced beef. It had a nice texture from onions and peppers, while a creamy cheddar sauce really made this something to come back for.

This post required the help of my friend Alison who happily took on the role of assistant researcher.

She also has a way with words. In describing the flow of customers around her station wagon, she said: “It was a van in front and two trucks behind. Like a Cowtown sandwich vehicular mullet.”

Cowtown Beef Shack, 5250 Macleod Trail S., (403) 281-8191. Open Monday to Saturday 11 a.m.-5 p.m.

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