Steveston Pizza, Richmond, B.C.

Growing up, pizza at my house was whatever 2-for-1 place was cheapest. I’m happy to see my family has found much better pizza in the years since like Steveston Pizza.

Only in B.C. would you get a pizza menu separated by categories like “The Journeys” or “The Elements.” You can get a basic pepperoni or Hawaiian but it’s the gourmet toppings and combinations that make Steveston Pizza shine.

Of the three pies my cousin Eric brought home, my favourite was Dimensions (medium only $20) with sundried tomato pesto, mushroom duxelle, brie and essence of white truffle. It smelled and tasted heavenly.

I didn’t miss meat of any kind in the Wind with its spinach, artichokes, fresh seedless tomatoes and basil pesto. The West Coast sounded good but I didn’t love the smokiness of the smoked salmon. It came with capers, onions, roasted peppers and basil pesto. Both those come in petite $14, medium $20 and large $23.

The thin crust — made with organic, unbleached flour — is just sturdy enough to hold all the fresh toppings but still has a nice balance of a chewy bite and crispy crust.

Steveston Pizza is take-out only. There’s no dining in and no delivery. But with pizza this good, it’s worth the drive (especially if your cousin is the one doing the picking up and you’re just sitting at home).

Steveston Pizza, 3400 Moncton St., Richmond, B.C., (604) 204-0777. Open Tuesday to Sunday 4-10 p.m. Closed Mondays.

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