Strawberry Cones, Richmond, B.C.

Because my family lives in Richmond, sometimes I hardly ever leave the city even though Vancouver is simply a bridge away. And sometimes it seems I only eat lunch at Aberdeen Centre, one of the big Asian shopping centres.

I’ve written about a few places there before, and this time the mall had some more new and unique offerings since my last trip.

We noticed Strawberry Cones because a) it’s the first place you see coming off the escalator to the food court, b) it’s got a colourful sign and c) it has nothing to do with strawberries or ice cream cones. It sells Japanese pizza.

To truly understand the name Strawberry Cones, I give you the explanation straight from their website:

“Cones represent fortune and success.

SC president, Miyashita says, “Strawberry is very delicate. Unless you treat them nicely, it can be spoiled easily. It is same as customers. We believe that it is our mission and responsibility to deliver fortune to our customers as if it were a once-in-a-lifetime chance. If you miss this one chance, you will lose it all. Even though the relationship doesn’t last, you won’t regret if you concentrate your energies.”

This is what we have in mind under the name of Strawberry Cones.”


There are three pizza flavours available per slice ($2.99) right away, or you can order full pies (average price $8/ $11/ $16) that you have to wait for. Strawberry Cones also makes pasta.

We first tried a slice of the teriyaki mochi chicken. There were slivers of chicken on a sweet teriyaki sauce base. I didn’t really notice the imo mochi (glutinous potato balls). Everything about it was OK but nothing to write home about.

Then we had a slice of the Hokkaido potato tuna: flaked tuna, onion, mayo, fresh tomato slices, potato and egg salad. I definitely couldn’t taste any egg salad. I was kind of disappointed that it wasn’t as weird as it sounded.

The potato tuna pizza has a sticker on the menu denoting it as a “kids favourite.” Huh.

Strawberry Cones, Richmond, B.C.

Strawberry Cones, Aberdeen Centre, 4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond, B.C., (604) 295-6693. Open Sunday to Wednesday 11 a.m.-7 p.m., Thursday to Saturday 11 a.m.-9 p.m.

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