Burger Baron, Red Deer

I wrote about Burger Baron in 2008. That’s pretty much the last time I ate at one until last week.

Burger Baron, Red DeerWe stopped at the location in Red Deer’s Gasoline Alley where you have your pick of the finest purveyors of fast food.

I can report that nothing has changed including our order. I got a mushroom burger with onion rings and Jason got a bacon cheeseburger with root beer milkshake.

Mine came with “mushroom sauce” suspiciously similar to Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom condensed soup. Which means it’s processed but kinda tasty.

The burgers aren’t really that great but somehow we like to have them every few years or so. This location had sticky laminated menus on the tables but there was still a steady lineup of customers.

This Burger Baron had a real baron statue at the door. Or at least a knight. Or something.

Burger Baron, off Highway 2 in Gasoline Alley, Red Deer, Alberta, (403) 348-8788.