Lloyd's Patty Plus, Calgary

Continuing our tour of Short Pants Plaza, let’s visit Lloyd’s Patty Plus.

Lloyd’s makes Jamaican patties, a delicious portable pastry stuffed with meat, mainly for wholesale to restaurants and stores.

But don’t let that stop you. They will sell retail at the counter, where you can order patties hot and fresh out of the oven. One costs $2.25, two or more are $2 each, a dozen is $20.

You can also get a dozen cold for $17, or a case of 24 for $30 to take home.

In Jamaica, patties can be filled with shrimp, lobster, fish, mixed vegetables or cheese, but Lloyd’s only does beef or chicken in regular or spicy.

I like the spicy beef. It’s really spicy. The fresh pastry is so flaky and good, the patties never make it past the car trip home. Or sometimes not past the parking lot either.

Lloyd’s Patty Plus, 255-28th St. S.E., Unit 202, Calgary, (403) 207-4455.

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