McDonald's McMiniIn a week where KFC comes up with this monstrosity, the McDonald’s McMinis seem downright healthy.

Responding to customers’ requests for more chicken choices, the McMinis are all-white chicken breast (choice of crispy or grilled) on a mini-baguette with a pesto or spicy thai spread.

Their PR company invited me to try the McMinis ($1.99 + tax) last week. It was a bit of a surreal experience as they brought out the sandwiches on a real plate with some apple slices. That’s probably the first and only time I’ll see table service and real china at a McDonald’s!

Surprisingly, the chicken breast was moist and flavourful.

The baguette didn’t have the right flaky outside, chewy inside making it more like a ciabatta, but it was still better than a hamburger bun. The spicy thai sauce is more sweet than spicy but still good. Jenaya, my dining partner, liked the pesto spread. But please Mickey D’s, lay off the garlic mayonnaise!

A spicy thai grilled McMini comes in at 260 calories and 9 grams of fat which is decent, I suppose, for a fast-food sandwich, but to be frank, I can’t exactly leave a McDonald’s without some fries, which defeats the whole purpose of nutritional monitoring anyway.

I’d consider a McMini (available in Canada only) if I was in the mood for a snack, but it won’t replace a Big Mac if you’re hankering for something like that.

(Disclosure: No fees were paid for this product review and the assessment is my own unbiased opinion.)