Joycee's Caribbean FoodsLast year, I wrote about the delicious Caribbean curries and rotis at Joycee’s Caribbean Foods.

But I had never tried Joycee’s homemade ginger beer. I’d heard so much about the award-winning, Calgary-made drink but they always seemed to be sold out.

Luckily, one lonely bottle was left in the cooler in time for me to snag it on the weekend.

Ginger beer can be carbonated. While Joycee’s ginger beer is not, it is still very refreshing. It’s sweet and has a very sharp ginger bite. Likely a nice replacement for ginger ale (without the burping and hiccups) or even ginger tea if you’re not feeling very well.

This is also the time of year for the amazing Black Gospel Concert. This is one of my favourite “hidden gem” Calgary events, even though it’s the concert’s 18th year. Check it out for at the Jubilee this Saturday (Feb. 13). You can get your tickets ($25 adults/$20 children & seniors) at Joycee’s (cash only) or through Ticketmaster.

Joycee’s Caribbean Foods, 630-1st Ave. NE, Calgary, (403) 234-9940. Closed Sunday and Monday.

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