I know this is likely the most contentious food topic in any city: where are the best wings?

In search of this quest exists a league of gentlemen to which I was recently admitted honorary membership. As with any quasi-secret society, I can’t say much about their initiations, rules, or even the name of this wing club, but I can share with you our recent findings.

The best chicken wings in Calgary are served at the Black Sheep West Coast Pub in a non-descript southwest strip mall.

How is that possible? First of all, the wings here are gigantic: plump, juicy appendages that actually taste like chicken. One Black Sheep wing is the size of two cheap wings at other places.

Secondly, they taste fresh to order, not like they’ve been pre-cooked, stored, and then deep-fried again just before serving.

Best flavours are hot honey mustard and chili lime. Curiously, death valley and hot are not very spicy at all.

Bonus points for great service. Go early on Wednesdays and Sundays when the wings are 30 cents each. There was a lineup for tables when we got there.

Don’t just take my word for it, hotwings.ca also has the Black Sheep ranked No. 1.

Black Sheep West Coast Pub, 7746 Elbow Dr. SW, Calgary, (403) 212-0304.

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