Pizza Delight, Saint John

In New Brunswick, Pizza Delight is as ubiquitous as Irving gas stations. Founded in 1969 in Shediac, N.B., the chain is huge in the Maritimes and is slowly expanding to Ontario and Alberta.

No one will pretend it’s fine dining, but you will always know what you’re getting.

Jason always wondered about the chain that we drove past on our vacations, but I usually had somewhere else in mind for our precious few meal slots. Yes, I often have an eating itinerary.

But he was so keen to try Pizza Delight on this trip that I had to give him that.

Pizza Delight

Every Pizza Delight looks exactly the same: bright, clean and family-oriented. Jason was particularly excited about the bread bar. I must admit it’s pretty brilliant.

You choose your type of bread, and toast it yourself on the totally dangerous open grill. Then you pick a spread (garlic butter, cheese butter, regular butter ā€” you get the idea), and toast it again.

There’s an obligatory sign about following the steps because of allergies, but really the communal tongs touch everything.

Pizza Delight, Saint John

Jason got a nine-inch donair pizza ($11.49) which comes with donair sauce, donair meat, pepperoni, onions and tomatoes. Then he asked for a side of donair sauce. When in Rome…

He enjoyed that the pizza came on an elevated stand with a candle underneath to keep it warm.

I was in a pasta mood so I got a fettuccine Alfredo ($11.49) with chicken. It was baked under a very heavy layer of cheese.

Everything was fine. Hey, it is what it is and now Jason can say he’s been to Pizza Delight.

Pizza Delight, 10 Loch Lomond Rd., Saint John, New Brunswick, (506) 633-8110. More than 100 locations in Canada.