Barnyard BBQ, Moncton

The Pump House was one of my favourite places when I lived in Moncton. It’s a great, spacious brewpub downtown with a huge patio and lots of beer.

It now has a larger bottling brewery in the city’s north, with the Barnyard BBQ restaurant in the front. After a few wrong turns, I can safely report it’s not really located in a bustling area. You’ll find it when you see the plastic cow on the lawn.

Barnyard BBQ, Moncton

The menu is huge with your standard starters (nachos, dry ribs, salads), barbecue plates and burgers.

The “chicken lips” ($7.50) I always ordered at the Pump House are also available at the Barnyard BBQ. They’re basically deep-fried pepperoni served with a honey mustard dipping sauce. Do you even need to ask if they’re good? (YES!)

Barnyard BBQ, Moncton

Jason and I basically had eyes bigger than our stomachs on this day. While our friends sensibly got decent-sized pulled pork sandwiches ($8.75), we were total pigs. Er, no pun intended.

Even I scanned the menu, my eyes kept wandering back to the Wings over Ribs ($22.25). Wings AND ribs on the same plate? Sign me up.

On the waitress’s recommendation, I got the J.D. BBQ sauce, billed as “medium”, on the half rack of ribs. In hindsight I might have gotten the spicier chipotle sauce. The ribs were tender and very meaty.

Barnyard BBQ, Moncton

However, the hot wings were very meh, too battered and not spicy at all. I still ate them.

Jason ordered the Rhapsody in Pork ($24.50), which is the best name I’ve seen for a dish in a long time.

He had a half rack of ribs, along with crispy salt and pepper dry ribs (average) and some pulled pork (very good).

There’s a great variety in the sides you can choose from. Jason’s cornbread (not one, but two mini-loaves) was so good, he opted to finish them instead of the pork when confronted with a rapidly filling belly. He said he liked the baked beans because they weren’t “overly molasses-y.”

Barnyard BBQ, Moncton

My side Caesar was decent, but Melissa and Dave swear by the sweet potato fries. Karen, the vegetarian at the table, had a big plate of them along with a salad. (Yes, I’m aware we are going to hell for forcing a vegetarian to have dinner at a barbecue place.)

The Barnyard BBQ serves Pump House beer, of course, against the backdrop of the big brewing vats. Most menu items come with beer recommendations.

I’m partial to the Blueberry Ale (you won’t know til you try it) and the Fire Chief’s Red Ale. A 16 oz pint is $5.25, 32 oz is $9.75 and a pitcher is $13.75. Yeah, you don’t see prices like that in Calgary very often.

Barnyard BBQ, 131 Mill Road, Moncton, New Brunswick, (506) 389-9042.