Pho Garden ChallengeJason forwarded me an email about the Pho Garden Challenge. Unfortunately, it’s in San Francisco. But you can bet it’s on my list of things to do next time we head there!

The rules are simple: slurp back two pounds of noodles and two pounds of combination beef with tripe within 60 minutes and it’s free.

A bonus prize: an 8×10 photo of you is hung on their wall of Pho Garden champions.

This is well thought out; the restaurant has a waiver of liability.

If you fail the challenge, the biggest bowl of pho you’ve ever seen will still only cost $22.

(Photo from Pho Garden)

  • In more local news, Calgary cheese queen Janice Beaton is closing the Kensington location at the end of August to focus on FARM and its Mount Royal store.

  • I spied a tweet from Kawa Espresso Bar the other day that they now serve breakfast, with dishes including chorizo and potato burrito, crepes with berries and cream, and fruit and yogurt. Kawa (in Calgary’s Beltline) also has free wi-fi.

  • With all the horse I’ve been eating (OK, only twice), I found Dana McCauley’s article on Canada’s horsemeat industry quite fascinating. It’s text-heavy but full of interesting information.

  • The folks at Fancy Fast Food have turned a dozen maple donuts from Tim Hortons, some chocolate glazed Timbits and a large coffee into tiramisu. If you haven’t seen this site yet, it’ll blow your mind.