Peters' Drive-In

The website of Peters’ Drive-In has a quote attributed to actor Hugh Jackman from the Calgary Sun in April 2003: “I also learned quickly Calgary has the best hamburgers in the world. My driver took me to Peters’ Drive-In one day. After that I’d find any excuse I could to go back there.”

Hey, Wolverine, you talkin’ crazy! OK, they taste good — for maybe two minutes.

I think Peters’ — named after original owner Gus Pieters, so I guess the apostrophe is acceptable — makes terrible, flat, greasy, cardboard burgers that sit in your stomach like rocks. (Yes, I know many of you will disagree…)

However, their milkshakes ($4.50) are awesome. They come in one size: big. So cold and thick and in your choice of 30 flavours or any combination therewith, they’re worth the nuttiness that’s the Peters’ drive-in/parking lot.

Peters’ Drive-In, 219-16th Ave. NE, Calgary, (403) 277-2747. Open 9 a.m.-midnight.

Peters' Drive-In, Calgary

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