I grew up in B.C. where White Spot and its Pirate Pak were a common part of one’s childhood. The cardboard pirate ship (now $5.99) comes with your choice of burger, grilled cheese, fried chicken, macaroni and cheese or battered fish. You also got fries, a drink with a cardboard mast on the straw, a scoop of ice cream and a chocolate coin in gold foil.

It was quite the bounty for a kid.

My dad almost always got a mushroom burger and my mom the toasted shrimp sandwich. She’d sometimes go all out and order the deep-fried zucchini sticks that burned the roof of my mouth.

White Spot, EdmontonAh, those were the days. (Yes, I said it.)

Fast forward to a quick lunch in Edmonton. White Spot has left its homey decor for something closer to Moxie’s or Milestones. It’s also effed up the menu.

You know something’s very wrong when my mom’s tea came in the form of a hand-crafted, silken teabag. It’s WHITE SPOT. Slap a Red Rose down and let’s move on.

I was shocked and appalled when I could not find a toasted shrimp sandwich anywhere on the menu (though I see in on their website; what’s going on!?). Instead, there is now butter chicken and orange beef stir-fry — and martinis. What is this world coming to?

The White Spot chain began as a drive-in in 1928. It built its popularity through the ’60s with the Triple O burger. I don’t want to go to White Spot for a Cosmo or a scallop risotto; I WANT A TOASTED SHRIMP SANDWICH. Stomp. Stomp. (And yes, I’m now crossing my arms and scrunching up my face.)

White Spot, Edmonton

I was prevented from blowing a gasket when I saw that at least their burgers and my beloved clam chowder were intact. White Spot is one of the few places I know that makes Manhattan clam chowder (the orange kind).

My legendary platter came with the traditional 1/4 lb. beef burger with Triple O sauce, thick cut fries and a familiar scoop of coleslaw. See? That’s how ya do it.

Service was something else different from what I remembered; it was terrible. The server went ages without returning, including for drink refills and cashing out at the end. Bleah.

So here’s the bottom line, I don’t like change. Hmph.

The end.

White Spot, Edmonton

White Spot, 3921 Calgary Trail, Edmonton, (780) 432-9153, and locations across B.C. and Alberta.

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