Broken City, Calgary

I’m a big fan of chicken wings, so when JJ invited us to Broken City’s wing night, I immediately accepted.

The Tuesday wings special is a reasonable $4 per pound. The salt and pepper wings are excellent — hot, crispy and finger-licking salty. The hot wings are just OK.

But my friends, Tuesdays at Broken City are not merely about discounted chicken appendages. As advertised, it’s “Wing Night + Punk Rock Bingo = BROKEN CITY WINGO!”

As you munch on wings, listening to punk rock hits, you can also unleash your dabber and play some entertaining bingo. $2 gets you a single sheet of three games. That can last quite a while since each round will take you through winning combinations from a single row, to an X (or a kite) and then to the full card.

Broken City, Calgary

This is not the bingo of the blue hairs. People who erroneously call Bingo! (to choruses of “Bullshit!” from the crowd) get paddled by the bingo caller. Losers are encouraged to wad up their useless playing sheets and throw them at the winner of a full-card bingo.

Prizes are donated by local businesses, from gift certificates for tattoos to hockey jerseys. The most coveted bounty seemed to be the Mexican wrestling mask and a machete. (I was sitting at a table with three boys.)

Broken City, Calgary

Jason proved victorious on the third-round opener, but he could only pick from the smaller prizes. He ended up with a pair of socks, a free beer, and a card for a free slice from the Wicked Wedge.

The punk rock section of the night seemed to wane after the first hour or so, with the DJ moving into rock then pop. But it’s not that noticeable since you’re concentrating on the numbers and the wings. And winning that wrestling mask.

Broken City, 613-11 Ave. SW, Calgary, (403) 262-9976. Punk rock bingo usually starts around 8 p.m.

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