Globefish, Calgary

Globefish Sushi & Izakaya is a good place to forget you’re in the middle of the Prairies. I daresay this is the best Japanese restaurant in the city, and it’s no secret. The front door is always crowded with people waiting for a seat or for takeout, even on a weeknight.

Seating is limited. Maybe a dozen tables and then a dozen spots around the bar. Be patient, young grasshopper. Take a cue from the staff. No matter how busy Globefish is, they always have a smile on their faces.

We snagged two seats at the bar, where I love watching the chefs slice the sashimi and assemble the dishes they can just slide over.

Globefish, Calgary

Globefish goes beyond the mundane California rolls and teriyakis. Sure, those are available, but if the kitchen has made the effort to put something like crab cream hotdog on the menu, then darn it, try something different.

The hotdog dish is actually two deep-fried croquettes filled with minced crab and cream. Definitely a unique change from tempura.

The tuna and salmon isobe age is a lovely contrast of textures, drizzled with a “special sauce.” The lightly fried roll is crunchy on the outside, with a cool centre of tuna and salmon sashimi.

Globefish, Calgary

My chopped scallop cone was so fresh, as was our tuna sashimi with avocado and seaweed sauce. It’s nice to find a place in Calgary where the sashimi rivals that manic sushi capital of Vancouver.

Globefish, CalgaryWe had two dishes I’ve only tried before in Vancouver. The ebi chili mayo, battered prawns with chili mayonnaise, and the beef tataki, lightly seared beef with garlic chips. The Globefish versions were more subtle, but still yummy.

Globefish’s showstoppers are their sushi rolls, gorgeous creations with quirky names to match their innovative ingredients. Okay, the Flames Roll doesn’t count, but you will find a Crazy Buster (spicy tempura roll wrapped with fresh tuna) or a Power of Love (crab & avocado roll wrapped with unagi, red & green tobiko).

We decided on the relatively simple Vancouver Roll – fresh tuna, salmon, mango and avocado. So simple and so delicious.

Globefish, Calgary

For dessert, we ended with mochi, Japanese rice cake stuffed with ice cream. Very nice.

Globefish no longer takes reservations, but remember, the patient always get rewarded. So head on down, line up, and enjoy.

Globefish, 326-14th St. NW, Calgary, (403) 521-0222. Open Mon-Fri, lunch 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. and dinner 5-10 p.m., Sat, Sun & holidays, noon – 10 p.m. Menu here.

Update: Globefish’s original Kensington location is now Muku Japanese Ramen House run by the same owners. Globefish moved into a new expanded location just across the parking lot. There’s also a second Globefish location in Marda Loop at 2009-33rd Ave. SW, Calgary, (403) 249-8866.

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