ABC Bakery, Calgary

I often get cravings for Chinese breakfast. It’s easy enough to make at home but it’s usually so much cheaper and faster at bakery restaurants, there’s no point.

Chinese breakfast is served til only about 10 or 11 on weekend mornings, and usually in a restaurant that doubles as a Chinese bakery. It’s great to sit there and smell the freshly baked buns while ordering breakfast.

There’s a standard menu of noodle soups, fried eggs and bacon or congee (rice porridge). These almost always come with white toast or a Chinese bun as well as tea or coffee – all for under $5. Everything is a combo. You can’t say you don’t get a bargain.

ABC Bakery, CalgaryWhen I was little, my mom made macaroni soup for breakfast. I think every Chinese kid has memories of macaroni with sliced ham and frozen peas floating in broth.

Now, I usually get satay beef with rice vermicelli soup. No macaroni for me, thanks.

You can go the “western” route at Chinese breakfast and get eggs with some sort of meat – bacon, wieners, pork chop, or minute steak – but it will taste like Chinese food. It might have something to do with the oil or the pan used in the kitchen, but my boyfriend swears it’s true.

Breakfast can come with Hong-Kong style milk tea – black tea with evaporated milk. You add sugar to it at the table according to your own tastes. One teaspoon for me, four if you’re my dad.

No one really lingers at Chinese breakfast. It’s all about filling up first thing in the morning and then heading on your way.

ABC Bakery & Cafe, 112C-3rd Ave. SE, Calgary, Alberta, (403) 266-2888.
Garden Bakery, 10019-106th Ave., Edmonton, Alberta, (780) 421-1228.
Boss Bakery & Restaurant, 532 Main St., Vancouver, B.C., (604) 683-3860.

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