Saperavi wine

For the life of me, I could never remember how to say “hello” in Russian but I managed to master “klassnaya popka,” which means “nice bum.”

I did pick up more useful things too from visiting friends in Moscow. They introduced us to some fantastic wine from Georgia. We brought a couple of bottles home but those are long gone. Despite several calls to specialty wine stores and scouring the Internets, I couldn’t find Georgian wine in Canada.

Georgian wine

Then last week on a quick stop in our nearest liquor store, I overheard the cashier saying, “Yes, Georgia. No, not the state, the country.” Oh does it pay to be nosy. It turns out a Calgary company now imports Georgian wine to Alberta.

I found the saperavi I had been searching for. It’s a standard table wine but it’s a very nice dry red that seems to match well with pretty much anything. At $18, it’s definitely staying on my list of standbys.

We also picked up a bottle of khvanchkara because the store clerk insisted it was his “favourite.” It’s a semi-sweet red that tastes very much like port. We opened it to drink with dinner rather than as a dessert wine, so at $30, it was a bit disappointing.

The liquor store gave away clay pitchers with each Georgian wine so that was a fun bonus. Traditionally, Georgians make wine in clay amphoras and bury them in the ground to ferment covered with oak lids.

For retailers in Alberta, click here. So far, I haven’t been able to find anywhere else in Canada that sells Georgian wine. Leave a comment if you find out otherwise. Thanks!