paris toiletEveryone’s gotta GO at some point, so here are some of my most memorable bathrooms:

PARIS – This is a sanisette, found on most major streets. Drop 40 cent euro in the slot and the door slides open. Once you’re inside, a sensor closes and locks the door.

After you finish your business and leave, the door shuts and a high-pressure disinfectant spray automatically cleans the toilet!

paris toiletBut don’t try to cheat the system, even if you’re out of change. Some friends of ours tried to prop the door open to sneak in a second session – and she got attacked by disinfectant.

Apparently, the city of Paris has started to convert the pay toilets to free earlier this year. Bonus!

Desert bathrooms

GAOCHANG, CHINA – This is as close as I could get to these bathrooms without gagging. Thus, no close-ups. They LOOK upscale for the middle of the Gobi desert but really they’re just glorified holes in the ground.

Still, it beats peeing on ancient ruins.

As always, I followed the rules of the squat toilet: bring your own Kleenex, roll up the pant legs to above the knees, take a deep breath and hold as long as possible while doing the bizness. Retreat outside and rub hands with sanitizer.


CHICAGO – This is my latest happy find. The toilets at the O’Hare airport have automatic changing seat covers.

Wave your hand over the sensor on the wall, and a new plastic seat cover slides neatly into place. Very sanitary. I like it.